Credit Card Payment

recurring and non-recurring membership


31 days non-recurring membership for only € 19,99 ( one-time payment ) 30 days recurring membership for only € 18,99 ( recurring with € 15,99 ) 90 days recurring membership for only € 40,99 ( recurring with € 35,00 )

Other Payment Options

recurring and non-recurring membership

direct banking ( one-time payment ) direct debit ( one-time payment ) direct pay ( one-time payment )

Your membership automatically ends after the prepaid period, e.g. after 30 or 90 days. If you chose a recurring membership it’s automatically extended after the chosen period.

NET-CASH was established to provide fast, secure and user-friendly payment systems based on common client needs. INET-CASH has been operating since 1995 as a responsible and secure internet payment processor. As reliable and secure processing is our primary and absolute priority, INET-CASH is certified to the industry’s highest security standard ‘PCI Level 1’ (PCI = payment card industry).

If your credit card statement or bank account contains a reference to ‘INET-CASH’, it means that a payment has been made for a web site that is using the billing services of INET CASH.

member support
Note: After the payment process you’ll receive an email with your login data to this website.
Your Credit Card Bill will appear as: RJ Internet Payment Credit card payments processed by
Red & Juicy VoF . Your data will be solely used for the payment process and will not be shared
with any party not involved in the payment process.
If you chose a recurring membership you can cancel it at any time.
Your membership then automatically ends after the pre-payed membership-time.

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